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On this page, Frequently Asked Questions, I attempt to answer any queries you may have regarding counseling sessions and arranging appointments. If you have any other questions, please contact me.


In what areas would counseling sessions with you help me?
Counseling sessions are a journey to heal your life. To heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being. They can assist you with:

• personal & professional fulfillment

• creating healthier relationships

• experiencing more joy, spontaneity and peace in your daily life

• pain management

• grief and emotional trauma recovery

• coping with irreversible conditions and diagnosis

• support during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation.

How many sessions would I need?
Counseling sessions have an accumulative benefit as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being are gradually healed or restored. The number of sessions varies, depending on what you need. Also, guidance might be needed with new situations as they arise. As your awareness grows, sessions can be spread out or scheduled to support you from time to time. An initial set ten sessions is recommended.

Can you help me over the telephone, if I do not live in Jordan?
Yes, I work with people over the telephone and Skype.

How do I arrange payment to you, since I live abroad?
wiring money through MoneyGram or Western Union before the session takes place.

What if I had to cancel a session?
I require 24-hour notification to cancel, otherwise fees would be charged.

Is what we discuss confidential?
Yes, what we discuss is confidential.

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